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Cherwell Service Level Agreement

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Cherwell Service Level Agreement

Optimize and automate general service requests such as setting up new employees and servicsing equipment requirements. End users can easily select services from your service catalog and track the progress of their requests through the self-service portal. Technicians can quickly check, authorize, and communicate query status to end users with simple one-step actions. Track and manage the lifecycle of hardware and software assets supported by the Service Desk. Cherwell® Asset Management is a software asset management (SAM) tool that has been designed for companies that want to reduce software licensing expenses, IT overhead, and software audit risk. It allows you to consolidate your hardware and software license, usage, and inventory data to track and manage IT investments smoothly – and move away from Excel tables. Cherwell Asset Management is seamlessly integrated into Cherwell ITSM and fills the Cherwell CMDB with IT asset data. Reduce service requests by providing a “Google®” click to federal knowledge searches in existing modules, PDFs, Microsoft, Office® and URLs. Powerful know-how management features enable Service Desk employees and end users to improve solution times by providing a repository for the successful collection, structuring, and reuse of services. Send requests for goods and services, report problems, and check status. Process related tickets, respond to requests, and correct incidents. With Cherwell, you get a visual guide to the main incident management activities – one of the most important ITIL processes – including registration, classification and study.

Effortlessly review the specific data needed to respond to each classified incident and respond quickly and consistently with one-step™ actions. Information technology is under pressure to reduce costs while improving service delivery. Cherwell ITSM Software helps you achieve both of these goals with a simultaneous (common) licensing model that offers more flexibility and lower costs. User-friendly, including licensing, this means that portal users, management permissions, password reminders, and other automations and integrations don`t need additional licenses. Automating common tasks, combined with simple management and maintenance, further reduces professional service costs and implementation times. Cherwell Service Management`s monitoring features proactively alert you to outstanding service level agreement (SLA) violations and provide critical performance metrics. Easily track SLAs based on services, CIs, customer levels, or any combination you choose. Promote transparency and demonstrate your value by presenting a corporate vision of the services available, costs and associated quality measures.

Cherwell Service Management connects all internal relationships and offers a graphical representation of the configuration items, SLAs and OLAS needed for each service and shows the overall impact of incident, problem and change requirements on service availability View cherwell Service Management can be easily integrated into different network monitoring tools to draw the service`s attention to problems or possibly resolve before your end users and customers even know something is wrong. Create rules to create an incident in the event of an event, for example. B a server notification that failed, and subsequent notifications are linked to it. Provide a usable and user-friendly service catalog that presents end users with only the specific services for which they are eligible. You can even list the associated costs and delivery times and use the Cherwell Service Management product catalog or a catalog from a third-party vendor to enable returns….