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VLP Vaccine

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백신(Vaccine): 안전성이 확보 된 항원을 체내 주입하여 병원체에 노출되기 전에 미리 면역을 형성시킴으로써 특정 병원체에 의한 감염을 방지하거나 증상을 최소화하여 감염원을 신속하게 몸에서 제거하는 것을 목적 하고 있는 의약품

VLPs are useful as vaccines. VLPs contain repetitive, high density displays of viral surface proteins that present conformational viral epitopes that can elicit strong T cell and B cell immune responses.[1] Since VLPs cannot replicate, they provide a safer alternative to attenuated viruses. VLPs were used to develop FDA-approved vaccines for Hepatitis B and human papillomavirus.[2] More recently, VLPs were used to develop a pre-clinical vaccine against chikungunya virus.[1]

Research suggests that VLP vaccines against influenza virus could provide stronger and longer-lasting protection against flu viruses than conventional vaccines.[3] Production can begin as soon as the virus strain is sequenced and can take as little as 12 weeks, compared to 9 months for traditional vaccines. In early clinical trials, VLP vaccines for influenza appeared to provide complete protection against both the Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 and the 1918 flu pandemic.[4] Novavax and Medicago Inc. have run clinical trials of their VLP flu vaccine

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